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Our vision is innovative, flexible and up to date with research and service at all times maintaining professional and ethical character. Contact us

The firm begins to operate in the year 1986, with the name of Escoffie Herrera y Asociados S.C.P. Since April 2005, we are certified with ISO 9001:2000 for all processes of audit of financial statements, once again, committed to providing our customers with timely service and quality.

In January 2010, due to the growth the firm has had in recent years, and in order to provide more efficient services to our clients, we established G-Herrera Consulting S.C.P., which is responsible of providing accounting services, tax accounting supervision, consulting, tax planning, audit of financial & tax opinion.

The firm currently has four main partners and 45 employees, among public accountants, public accountants interns, private accountants, assistants, secretaries and administrative staff.

C.P.C. y M.I. Gerardo Antonio Herrera Novelo (Currículum pdf)


We wish to focus on providing professional services that will empower companies in all areas, helping to increase their own economic potential.

We are working for being:

  • People who demonstrate strength of character through their example.
  • People who represent our values.
  • People with talent to make trade negotiations, strategic thinkers with business acumen.
  • People who know how to build strong and lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.
  • People committed to quality.


Our vision is innovative, flexible and updated with research and service delivery at all time, maintaining a professional and ethical character.

All this ismaking a difference with other offices, due to, our approach to corporate responsibility coordinates activities to take advantage of the skills and abilities in benefit of society.